Earn gift cards using Bing

I love this site. I think it searches just as good as google. And you get rewarded for it so it’s even better! You get 1 credit for every 2 searches up to 15 credits a day (sometimes they up it to 30 credits a day). And you even get an extra point a day for going to their suggested search. If you get Gold status which is 150 searches a month up to 20 a day, you get to cash out for a little less.

You can set your goal too so it tells you how many credits you need to reach your goal. I cash out for amazon gift cards and have found that if you actually cash out for a $5 tango card and then cash that out for amazon gift cards through tango, you are getting more for your credit. It is only 5 credits, but hey, I’m cheap and look for the best deal 🙂

If you’d like to join, click here.


About burdangy

Welcome to my little corner of the www! I love freebies, coupons and good deals! I am always thinking about ways to save money and earn it! And I can do a lot of that online. I want to spread the word to my friends and maybe make some new ones along the way. Hope you enjoy my blog and I'm planning to improve it as time goes on so you can enjoy it more.
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